Bridesmaid Gowns

Okay, so you’ve got the perfect wedding dress, you’ve sorted out the perfect cake and the perfect venue and of course, you’ve nabbed yourself the perfect partner! But don’t forget to invest in the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the full ensemble!

Perhaps you’ve got a particular colour scheme that you’re working to or maybe you just want bright, bold and beautiful, in any case, we are here to help.

With a wide range of gorgeous dresses in store and made-to-measure, we’ve got all the colours of the rainbow to hand to suit your ideas, in a range of quality fabrics from taffeta and satin to silk and organza.

Prices start from just £160, meaning that whatever your wedding budget, the end result will look simply stunning.

Come and visit us today with your right hand women and let us help you make your big day a special one.

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